Monday, December 15, 2008

Palmy bro!

In the weekend just been i went with my youth pastor Clive and another intern Luke all the way down to Palmerston North for the first ever Vision church in Palmy's youth camp, it was amazing man.
It was laxed as man! was so good just to relax and go for nice walks thru the bush and along the river, and we swam in the river and it was glorious! haha

i got some really mean pics as well :)

then we hung in town on saturday night and i got some mean pics at the town square!
and there were a stupid amount of cops around!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

last while!

well heaps has happened!
isaiah was back for a week, we caught up heaps and i went with him to the video shoot for "Its only a matter of time" here is some pics

went to the show in auckland and ended up walking out of the acacia strain, because of what they were saying was total bull crap!
had a super mean party at daves, raving till 3am hitting the "V" hard we were haha
so im going flatting with rico, rosie and kelsi next year, and i cannot freaking wait, its going to be one massive party!!!
Peace Yo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

time for an update!

its been ages man!
so the weekend just been we had the comissioning service for our new pastors at church, it was an amazing weekend!
sunday night we had a worship and prophetic night with Don Lake, it was amazing!!!!!
God really confirmed a heap of stuff in my life and it was such a thrill and privilage to lead people into worship while doing what i love, playing drums!!!

not long until Isaiah comes back for a show, i cant wait to hang with him, i miss just hanging and watching movies till the early hours! and him smashing me on xbox haha

work is surpisingly good so far this week, im finally doing somthing that will make me proud in some weird way, and it keeps me entertained until febuary hahaha

well bye for now

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So i was going to go to TGA and hang with Rebecca but then ive got no money and her sister from wellington was up, so i had luch at chrissy's with beka and jess!

then i laxed out at home.

i got a bit bord and the sun was setting so i decided to go to Tilsdale lookout and take photos haha

Road trip to Auckland cause we can!

yup it was super sweet!

first we were going up to see Arms Reach play, but then Johnny text to say they cancelled casue he's real sick, so we continued on up and hung out at real groovy for ages, then went to pick emma up, had dinner at wendys, chrissy got the last of the Dunkin donuts for leong.

then we went to the coolest cafe for coffee on our way to the top of Mt Eden, it was called Circus Circus. here is some pics of our adventure!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


well work as usal :(
then life group, was interesting, i had to deal with my first fight haha
then i got home at 9:30 and decided i would go for a run well it turns out i ran 7km in 35mins im rather stolked on that!
i want to get that down to 25mins then i will go for 10km in 45min......
but we will see hahaha

im so stolking on the Modern Koy and New Empire show im setting up, can't freaking wait man!

please comment me, i feel so lonly now that knowone has commented in ages :(!

well gud night!

Monday, October 20, 2008

sweet sweet shows coming up!

so since there are a few aussie bands coming over for Parachute i have decided to set up a super sweet show on the 17th of january!!!
and i have pretty much confirmed all of the bands, and i cant wait!

New Empire
Modern Joy
Fatis Valour (hopfully)
Trigger Theory

it going to be a huge as show!
i cannot wait!!!!