Sunday, October 26, 2008


So i was going to go to TGA and hang with Rebecca but then ive got no money and her sister from wellington was up, so i had luch at chrissy's with beka and jess!

then i laxed out at home.

i got a bit bord and the sun was setting so i decided to go to Tilsdale lookout and take photos haha

Road trip to Auckland cause we can!

yup it was super sweet!

first we were going up to see Arms Reach play, but then Johnny text to say they cancelled casue he's real sick, so we continued on up and hung out at real groovy for ages, then went to pick emma up, had dinner at wendys, chrissy got the last of the Dunkin donuts for leong.

then we went to the coolest cafe for coffee on our way to the top of Mt Eden, it was called Circus Circus. here is some pics of our adventure!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


well work as usal :(
then life group, was interesting, i had to deal with my first fight haha
then i got home at 9:30 and decided i would go for a run well it turns out i ran 7km in 35mins im rather stolked on that!
i want to get that down to 25mins then i will go for 10km in 45min......
but we will see hahaha

im so stolking on the Modern Koy and New Empire show im setting up, can't freaking wait man!

please comment me, i feel so lonly now that knowone has commented in ages :(!

well gud night!

Monday, October 20, 2008

sweet sweet shows coming up!

so since there are a few aussie bands coming over for Parachute i have decided to set up a super sweet show on the 17th of january!!!
and i have pretty much confirmed all of the bands, and i cant wait!

New Empire
Modern Joy
Fatis Valour (hopfully)
Trigger Theory

it going to be a huge as show!
i cannot wait!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

pretty photos i took today

yea i got bored so i took some pic of the back yard!

haha my new hair colour!
im still deciding wether i like it or not, let me know what you think please!!!

well off to chrissy's for movies, im kinda kean for juno yet again haha

Oscars last night!

yup they were freaking sweet!
on the waipa delta baby!!!!

i went in this super sweet and kinda weird suit!
i will get pics up as soon as i get them.

then we went to metropolis and then to rosies for drinks!
it was lots of fun!!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i haven't updated this in a while so i thought i would now!

the weekend was sweet, Chrissy's friends form wellington, Berni and Dan came up for in his honour, it was sweet sweet hangs at Chrissy's again haha.
Fletcher blew my mind at In His Honour!
wow there new sound is so international, they are gonna get big!!!!

haha last night at life group we tied up one of the kids and dragged him behind the car for like 400m haha he's in hospital now!

and you thought i was serious about that haha well no we didn't drag him behind the car, we tired him up and drove him around so he was disorientated then dropped him off randomly and left him haha
oh we did this because it was his birthday, it was fun!

haha i got my hair died, its way lighter than i was expecting, i will change that this weekend hopefully haha.

I'm still Stoking on those shoes haha

Peace Yo!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards!

My younger sister emily won tickets to the vnzma's last night so i went with her!

it was so mean, Tiki opened with a mean performance, and heaps of other bands played and it was sweeet!

before the awards we went shopping and i got some freaking sick shoes!

Reebok ERS5000

Sunday, October 5, 2008

la de da

On saturday i went bowling with my sister and her friends because they needed a caregiver over 16 haha
it was fun tho and it ment alot to her i think!
then went to kelsi's before going out to dinner at Cullen's for her 18th, it was yummy as!!!

On sunday i chilled out at home and watched the Home and Away omnibus haha then went to music practice for church last night.

ive got to go to work now :(

Friday, October 3, 2008

Last night most of the crew hung out at bekas and watched Juno for like to 3rd weekend in a row!
Its an amazing movie but im starting to get sick of it, i really wanna see Dan In Real Life again tho.

we got bord so we made a fire and then had a marshmellow war haha
it was the best war in the freaking world
Puck you miss!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

today was fun!

indeed it was!
although i think i need to cut down on all the gay jokes....
everyone at work is kinda scared I'm actually gay haha

after work we were having beers, as ya do on Friday, i was sitting on the strapping machine and was Bord and strapped my legs in haha
then some of the other dudes tied my angels and my wrists behind my back haha i was rolling around and trying to cut them off for like 10Min's haha
but it was fun and luckily i didn't cut myself.

well I'm off to get ready to go to Becka's house for movies with the gang!
if i remember i will take pictures.

peace yo!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


so today i went to get an allergy test done and i'm highly alergic to dust so that is why it looks like ive been shooting up or have lots of hickys around my neck at times haha

so im getting desentsitized for dustmite, starting from today i have to get a jab everyweek for the next 14 weeks, then ill go fortnightly for a while then ill go monthly. it will take a total of 3 years to be completly desentsitzed to dustmite. but i can't wait for it to start taking affect, i will finally have nice skin and won't be scratching my self in my sleep!
but it takes 3-6 months to start working, so until then lots of pills and locoide cream and trying real hard not to scratch haha.