Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My back hurts real bad!

So yesterday didn't go to well!
i ended up going home early cause my back was really really sore.
so i went to the doctor and they couldn't put it on ACC cause i was honest and said i didn't no how it happened haha
then i went and got a blood test to make sure I'm not lacking anything, and i didn't get a x-ray cause I'm poor and it would cost like $100 cause its not on ACC!
so I'm waiting to get a letter to go in to get one at the hospital.

so i have been taking lots of pain killers because it hurts real bad!
and i didn't go to work today, and im bored out of my freaking mind!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

summer is here!!!

sunday was a super mean day!
apart from getting up at 7 which was actually 6, cause i was playing drums at church for both services, but it was worth it, i had heaps of fun!

then afterwards Isreal, Rosie and I went to Scotts (not even going to attempt the rest of it haha)for Brunch, that was mean!
we sat it the sun and it was good haha.

then Isreal was a nana and went home to sleep, so me and rosie walked around town and decided to go see House Bunny.......
haha it was rather average!
best qoute of the movie:

"The eyes are like the nipples of the face"

haha that was gold haha

anyway then after church a big bunch of us went out to raglan and had a mean fire.
everything was super mean, but then one of the dudes had an epileptic seasure so it was real freaky, but God keep him safe and he came around and it was sweet, apart from he was wet cause he went into the water!

At the moment im in love with Mayday Parade! the best song is "Miserable At Best"
ooh how i love it!

work was dumb today :(

Thursday, September 25, 2008

what a sad day!

today was rather sad!
first of all i had to get 2 new tyres for the van ($220) then i had to fill up ($70) then i went and sat my full licence and failed! so i booked it again ($70.50) and i also payed my AA card bills haha ($38.50) and cause i can McDonald's ($5.70)
i got paid this morning and half of it was freaking gone, before freaking lunchtime!!!!!!!!!!
i guess i won't be getting my To Write Love On Her Arms stuff this pay :(

oh well, how is everyone?

oh we are going to the beach on Sunday night, for no other reason than to hang out and burn stuff!

Peace Yo!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

work is lame!

Today at work i was told that i am no longer aloud to listen to my ipod because I'm stuffing up to much haha
and all the websites have been blocked, so no more checking myspace and going on mobsters :(

now i have to listen to the crap radio and do nothing during lunch, oh my life sucks bad (only at work tho) haha

so You are I Am already has a new drummer to take my place!
my last show will be in TGA on the 10th of October probably, it will be sad!
i will stay the night and hang out with peps that want to hang out!
text me comment or something and we can hang!

church stuff is coming along real mean!
sorting lots of stuff out now that will be super mean!

that's all for now
peace Yo!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm super excited for the big rave party that we are organizing for elevate, its going to be insane!
I'm even organizing 2 shows to help fundraise for it, so it will be incredible!!!

so yesterday i didn't leave church till after the night service, I'm so holy haha
we pretty much have come to the conclusion that we will be going to whitianga for new years and everywhere else as part of our 4 day road trip! its going to be the best road trip in the entire world!!!

i have to go to work now :(

Saturday, September 20, 2008

lax as at home tonight!

So unfortunately i just hung out at home tonight, but i think it was food for me to just do nothing and add heaps of people on myspace for mobsters haha!

Chrissy told me that a movie she wanted to see was Dan In Real Life and i must say it is very good....

haha I'm kinda into those weird kinda arty films that have sweet cosy homes, it may be a sign of maturity haha doubt it tho!
i have lots on tomorrow so i won't be on till late, i shall tell you all about tomorrow, tomorrow :)
This looks very cosy and relaxed...... i like it

Friday, September 19, 2008

oh dear!

im addicted.......

that is all haha

oh summer!

YAY summer is pretty much here!
Fully can't wait for road trips around the place, oh and hanging in TGA!
today i got a FM transmittor for my ipod so we can listen to it endlessly on our epic journeys!


I think this Tattoo is super mean!

Some may think I'm a poof cause i cut my finger while cutting the palm trees at home, (Ayla) but it actually hurts haha

So i think i have come to a conclusion my my Tattoo dilemma that started with a blog on myspace.
I've decided not to get a 3/4 sleeve as my 1st Tat but i think i will get a decent size chest piece started in black and grey.
I'm thinking of what to have and i have found some stuff that i will take bits from to make my Tat.
So i want the key hole heart with the swallows on up by my collar bone and then roses and vines kinda filling it it making it look mean.
oh and it will all be in Black and Grey

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

haha me younger

Gods plan for my life!

God has changed my heart so so so much in the last 3 months.

God has put a huge passion on my heart recently and that is to go into ministry, so in order to do this with my whole heart and all of my attention i am leaving You are I Am.
It has been the hardest decision for me to make, but i know that it will be the right decision.

So in order to actually get into ministry i will be doing an internship at my church Eastside Apostolic next year, I can't wait its going to be super fun and really challenging. But im putting all my faith in God that he will show me the way!

I never ever thought i would ever want to go into ministry, I fully thought that Gods plan for me was to be in a band and tour and interact with kids and show people Gods love through music, But thats completly changed and now i fully beleive this is Gods plan for me.

I will try keep up to date with whats happening over new years and post lots of pics of the amazing road trips that we will be doing!

Peace YO!
This is a Fav from a while back.
Oh the good times off hanging in auckland,
I'm sure there will be many more to come!