Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i haven't updated this in a while so i thought i would now!

the weekend was sweet, Chrissy's friends form wellington, Berni and Dan came up for in his honour, it was sweet sweet hangs at Chrissy's again haha.
Fletcher blew my mind at In His Honour!
wow there new sound is so international, they are gonna get big!!!!

haha last night at life group we tied up one of the kids and dragged him behind the car for like 400m haha he's in hospital now!

and you thought i was serious about that haha well no we didn't drag him behind the car, we tired him up and drove him around so he was disorientated then dropped him off randomly and left him haha
oh we did this because it was his birthday, it was fun!

haha i got my hair died, its way lighter than i was expecting, i will change that this weekend hopefully haha.

I'm still Stoking on those shoes haha

Peace Yo!

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