Thursday, October 2, 2008

today was fun!

indeed it was!
although i think i need to cut down on all the gay jokes....
everyone at work is kinda scared I'm actually gay haha

after work we were having beers, as ya do on Friday, i was sitting on the strapping machine and was Bord and strapped my legs in haha
then some of the other dudes tied my angels and my wrists behind my back haha i was rolling around and trying to cut them off for like 10Min's haha
but it was fun and luckily i didn't cut myself.

well I'm off to get ready to go to Becka's house for movies with the gang!
if i remember i will take pictures.

peace yo!

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oh_ayla said...

sorry i have no credit on my phone, that's why i haven't been texting back. i probably won't top up for a while hahaha