Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My back hurts real bad!

So yesterday didn't go to well!
i ended up going home early cause my back was really really sore.
so i went to the doctor and they couldn't put it on ACC cause i was honest and said i didn't no how it happened haha
then i went and got a blood test to make sure I'm not lacking anything, and i didn't get a x-ray cause I'm poor and it would cost like $100 cause its not on ACC!
so I'm waiting to get a letter to go in to get one at the hospital.

so i have been taking lots of pain killers because it hurts real bad!
and i didn't go to work today, and im bored out of my freaking mind!!!


.Laura. said...

aww josh!!! you poor thing!! have you tried voltaren?? that helps sometimes...

oh_ayla said...

oh dear, that sounds horrible! hope it gets better fasy.

you can do it on your homepage, click 'add' and put in my url.


chrissybizzle said...

awh josh.. go to the chiropractor! they are better then doctors! and waaaay cheaper, $35.. theresone near church that i go to.. laura goes there too :)