Thursday, September 25, 2008

what a sad day!

today was rather sad!
first of all i had to get 2 new tyres for the van ($220) then i had to fill up ($70) then i went and sat my full licence and failed! so i booked it again ($70.50) and i also payed my AA card bills haha ($38.50) and cause i can McDonald's ($5.70)
i got paid this morning and half of it was freaking gone, before freaking lunchtime!!!!!!!!!!
i guess i won't be getting my To Write Love On Her Arms stuff this pay :(

oh well, how is everyone?

oh we are going to the beach on Sunday night, for no other reason than to hang out and burn stuff!

Peace Yo!

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Brian said...

It is beauty of life that sometimes you are in sad mood and sometimes you are in a happy mood. A human being can't live in a same kind of situation all the time.