Tuesday, September 23, 2008

work is lame!

Today at work i was told that i am no longer aloud to listen to my ipod because I'm stuffing up to much haha
and all the websites have been blocked, so no more checking myspace and going on mobsters :(

now i have to listen to the crap radio and do nothing during lunch, oh my life sucks bad (only at work tho) haha

so You are I Am already has a new drummer to take my place!
my last show will be in TGA on the 10th of October probably, it will be sad!
i will stay the night and hang out with peps that want to hang out!
text me comment or something and we can hang!

church stuff is coming along real mean!
sorting lots of stuff out now that will be super mean!

that's all for now
peace Yo!

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