Saturday, September 20, 2008

lax as at home tonight!

So unfortunately i just hung out at home tonight, but i think it was food for me to just do nothing and add heaps of people on myspace for mobsters haha!

Chrissy told me that a movie she wanted to see was Dan In Real Life and i must say it is very good....

haha I'm kinda into those weird kinda arty films that have sweet cosy homes, it may be a sign of maturity haha doubt it tho!
i have lots on tomorrow so i won't be on till late, i shall tell you all about tomorrow, tomorrow :)
This looks very cosy and relaxed...... i like it

1 comment:

chrissybizzle said...

ahahaha mean bro.
i freakin wanna see it!
ahh next weekend, maybe after elevate yes?