Monday, September 29, 2008

summer is here!!!

sunday was a super mean day!
apart from getting up at 7 which was actually 6, cause i was playing drums at church for both services, but it was worth it, i had heaps of fun!

then afterwards Isreal, Rosie and I went to Scotts (not even going to attempt the rest of it haha)for Brunch, that was mean!
we sat it the sun and it was good haha.

then Isreal was a nana and went home to sleep, so me and rosie walked around town and decided to go see House Bunny.......
haha it was rather average!
best qoute of the movie:

"The eyes are like the nipples of the face"

haha that was gold haha

anyway then after church a big bunch of us went out to raglan and had a mean fire.
everything was super mean, but then one of the dudes had an epileptic seasure so it was real freaky, but God keep him safe and he came around and it was sweet, apart from he was wet cause he went into the water!

At the moment im in love with Mayday Parade! the best song is "Miserable At Best"
ooh how i love it!

work was dumb today :(

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rebeccamay said...

oh i wasnt in hamilton with ayla and the gang
come over to tga for some hang outs?